La Fábrika Films, estabished in 2010, is an audiovisual production company based in Seville, Spain.

LFF is a creative film, commercial, and audio visual services group. We work with diverse international production companies in support and co-production roles. Our production house offers a wide range of technical services: crew, turnkey solutions, and full service audio visual support. We serve locations in Europe, the Middle East, and South America enabling us to take productions from creative ideas to professional high quality films.

LFF has a gifted group of skilled professionals: directors, directors of photography, photographers and crew. All highly talented and qualified professionals that can execute all aspects of audiovisual production.

La Fábrika Films was founded by Álvaro Torrellas, an internationally recognized film creator and producer in the audioviusal sector since 2002.

Why la Fábrika Films?

Creativity is in our genetics.
“My mother is a fashion designer and as a little boy, I would always hear everyone say let’s go to La Fabrika (The Factory). We all called her business that. It was the place where she designed and made her dresses with all of her team. Every time I heard that word, I could picture my mother at the design table creating something new or at the dressmaking table making one of those designs a reality. For me, La Fabrika signifies that special place where you can come up with something from scratch, something that’s worth it. A place where a group of individuals who have passion for their profession come together to develop their creativity and talent, to create something that pleases everyone.”
-Álvaro Torrellas, founder